We Have Been Using Escalators Wrong This Whole Time, Here's How To Do It Right

We have been using escalators very often now, it speeds up the flow. But, are we really using it right?

It is said that escalators were invented to speed up things, but many people still suffer and get stuck behind this lot. Due to which, many of you might have also missed your train or reached your destination very late.

There are some people who step on an escalator and just stop dead. Yes, you can stand on the escalators, but is this really a right way to do it? No, it's not.

Just because, we don't know the rules of standing on the escalators, the problem persists and everyone suffers due to it.

According to the escalators protocols, we should always stand on the right and let the people walk from the left, so as not to block those climbing the stairs. This could make the things speediest and you will not miss out your train.

Most of the countries now follow escalator protocols, and encourage people to follow the same, by putting up posters and demonstrating them the correct use of the escalator.

So, next time to avoid such sufferings, climb on the left side and stand on the right side, and encourage others to do the same.

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