Biggest Career Mistakes of 7 Bollywood Stars

Salman Khan - We just could not think why did he say yes to the movie 'Suryavanshi'. It was the biggest mistake of his career as none of his fans would like to see him in that look again.  

Shah Rukh Khan - We think 'Ra-One' is the biggest mistake of his career. He put so much money on the movie and it all went vain. However, it did business but was not able to grab the attention of the audience.

Aamir Khan - We are sure you must remember the movie 'Mela' which is one of the most irritating movies that no one likes to see again in their life. We consider this movie is the biggest mistake of our Mr. Perfectionist.

Madhuri Dixit - The dancing queen has given many blockbuster movies, but her movie 'Gaja Gamini' that was released in 2000 came out as the biggest disaster at the box office. We think she should not have said yes to this movie.

Priyanka Chopra - After giving a movie like 'Fashion' in the year 2008, she did the biggest mistake of her career by saying yes to the movie 'Love Story 2050' with Bollywood actor Harman Baweja. This jodi was not able to drive the audience crazy, not even a little bit.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - The winner of the Miss World pageant 1994, has wowed us many times with her movies, but we seriously think the movie 'Dhai Akhshar Prem Ke' was the biggest mistake of her career which also starred Abhishek Bachchan opposite her.

Hrithik Roshan - After having a grand debut in 'Kaho Na Pyar' everyone wanted to see him in great role, but when he appeared in the movie 'Mai Prem Ki Deewani Hoon' he left everyone in shock with his over acting. 

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