7 Silly Mistakes in Dishoom That Missed Your Eyes

Recently, the movie Dishoom was released which stars John Abraham, Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez in the lead roles. But, there were many loopholes which we think everyone might have missed in the movie.

First of all, photos in any passport are always front facing. But, here the photos shown in the passports were not front facing.

When Akshay splashed water on Varun Dhawan, they were standing closer to him (But definitely not in Water). But, you can see the distance from their clothes, how far they were standing before entering into the pool. So it's good to see that Akshay can actually splash water from that far distance so easily.

When Varun Dhawan opened the car door and it hit Jacqueline making her unconscious, her shoulder was on the white line. While in the next scene her knee was on the white line.

All belongings of Ishika's were taken by the police when she got arrested, then how did she get her mother’s photo? 

In this scene, chains were attached to the secret door and when they came out from it, chains were nowhere.

Now, look at John's bike carefully, you will find many differences in the bike during the different shots.

In the last climax scene, when a boy shouts the name of Viraj after seeing him, he was still in ally and completely unrecognizable. Then how did he know Viraj was coming. 

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