6 Silly Mistakes in The Movie 'Lagaan'

It has been 15 years from when the movie 'Lagaan' was released. But, there were some flaws that will surely surprise you. Like, in those days the over consisted of four deliveries, while in the movie they used to ball 6 deliveries in an over.
The No Ball rule was introduced after 1960's. While in this movie, we saw that umpire didn't allow the first wicket claimed by the villagers due to the No Ball or over stepping.
The movie also portrays that all the bowlers were bowling with modern over-arm actions, which was quite rare for the period of 1893.
Here, the game was played with the boundary lines around the ground. However, during that time the boundaries were just physical entity like a cycling or athletic track running around the ground.
When Kachra was batting the score was 314, then he hit the ball for two runs and the score in the background showed 313 runs.
And when Kachra took his first wicket, the ball hit the off stump and in the next scene, they showed that it hit the Middle stump. How is that possible?

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