6 People Who Took Internet By Storm What Are They Up To Now

Shraddha Sharma - Remember this singer from Dehradun, who started out by uploading her videos on YouTube? She took the internet by storm to become one of the most popular sensational stars in 2011. Later, she even signed a record deal with Universal. 

Lilly Singh - She is an Indo-Canadian YouTuber, who is popularly known by her YouTube username IISuperwomanII. In 2016, she entered in the list of the world's highest paid YouTube stars.

Sammy Griner - Do you remember this kid who flooded the internet with his memes few years back? He was just 11 months old when this picture was taken, now he is like 10 years old, and with his memes he managed to raise $100,000 for his father's kidney transplant.

Tom Anderson - Who is popularly known by his social name "Myspace Tom", was everyone's first friend on social media website Myspace. He sold out Myspace for $540 million in 2005. Nowadays he is travelling around the world giving us some serious goals.

Kyle Craven - Who is popularly known by his Internet nickname "Bad Luck Brian", is one of the famous American Internet celebrities. He rose to fame when his pictures found his way to Reddit. Currently, he is working for his father's company.

Pakalu Papito - This fictional character rose to the fame with his funny tweets on Twitter. His first post came in 2013 and today he has 2.13 million followers on Twitter.

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