The Funny Clowns Have Turned Creepy And Are Terrorizing Locals In UK, US And Australia

If you happen to reside anywhere in Australia, UK or the US, then chances are, you are no stranger to the recent phenomenon that's got everyone irked and worried. Apparently, for no particular reason, some strange figures decked up in freaky clown costumes have begun to terrorize locals. So what's this bizarre new phenomenon, let's delve into some details:

1. The maniac on the streets

From being rare, to frequent sightings in the last few months, mysterious figures dressed in scary looking clown costumes are increasingly hounding folks in the UK, US and Australia. The motive is simple and clever - to scare people and literally scare the living daylights out of them.

2. A phenomenon that occurs during nights

The scary clown sightings are known to occur during the nights, not really during broad daylight. Shrouded in secrecy, the identity of most of these 'pranksters' hasn't yet been decoded fully by the police which largely in the UK and US is hunting local cities- and cracking down areas in the vicinity where these mysterious creatures have been known to have struck people by surprise.

3. Just who could be these creepy looking clowns

With their identities completely concealed behind the scary and horrible looking masks of an eerie clown, the motive of these pranksters is to scare and haunt young children. And that too for no particular reason at all. And that isn't all. These scary looking souls could be more dangerous than you think.

4. Scary clowns armed?

Yeah, you read that right. Several cases of clown sightings in Western Australia and UK's Manchester have seen eerie looking figures armed with a knife or a machete. And therefore, not just with their scary outfits but even with weapons they can cause a great deal of harm and have thus caused an air of panic in big cities and famous destinations.

5. Who are the potential victims

Deriving some weird level of sadistic pleasure these clowns are scaring young school children and on other occasions, scaring car and bus drivers who come to halt at traffic lights, the clowns concealing their identities have wrecked havoc.

6. What is the prompt request made by UK Police

The famous British daily, "The Guardian" reports that the police in UK have promptly urged various stores in Newcastle, London and Manchester to stop selling clown costumes. Police has also urged the store owners to cautiously note and memorize the identity of those who are sold clown costumes. The motive is clear: the police desperately want to know the identity of these scary miscreants. 

7. Frequent sightings with fake arms

At times with fake knives, and then with fake firearms, there have been one too many frequent sightings of these gory looking clowns carrying 'weapons' to scare onlookers and just about anybody who they happen to startle. Incidences in Lancashire in England have unfolded, where a man disposing cash at a vending machine was severely injured in an unprecedented move by a clown. In California, Cumbria and even in Yorkshire, several youngsters have been attacked by means of a tree-branch being thrown by a clown.


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