Notorious B.I.G. Was Right When He Said 'Mo Money Mo Problems', Penn State University's Research Proves It

Money. The complexity of having too much of it and the fallacy of thinking not having enough is manageable! It can be all too perplexing. This simple but precariously important five letter word has often posed more back-aches and head-strain than chuckles and broad grins, or so it turns out according to a new research. It is being said that people with plenty of money and financial comfort are also whining. But why? So what's all the hype about:

1. Money can buy you stability and a great deal of stress too

What's the deal with too much of money? Consider it like an acne that causes irritation to the soul. And too much of it may just spoil the mood, making you feel conscious and unscrupulously scanning yourself in the mirror. Money and education provide plenty of stability in life. But there's a catch here!

2. What's the missing picture

While for a long time it is believed that having plenty of financial stability enables one to lead a healthier and happier life, there's also a regrettable dichotomy attached to the notion. People armed with aplenty feel a lot more stressed in life. Put it simply, despite having high paying jobs, you could feel the sucker punch at work. And considerably so, when compared to those working with lesser salaries. Whoa! And I thought, my job sucks. Party tonight?

3. A 'Stress-Measure' study that was telling

Penn State University (in the USA) conducted a real-time stress measurement on 122 workers in a US city with an objective of identifying how stressed one felt during real-work time instead of while commuting to one's work or at the end of the day. It turned out that both, people with higher incomes and higher education felt 28 % more stressed at work and only 8.3 % happy when compared to those with lesser levels of income and education.

So for sure, if you think you under-studied or earned less in your life, you didn't exactly suck. Ain't that right sir?

4. A really startling revelation

All that talk about money, pomposity and the fame it buys falls flat on its face akin to a rich fatty mobster trampling on a banana peel with this particular revelation: Apparently, the individuals who reported higher stress are individuals who simply have more authority at their jobs.

5. The inference you can draw from this

So here's what I understood: If I feel proud of yelling on the sub-ordinates and juniors, aligning them with tons of work, standing so proudly from my 7 seater, cushy comfortable cabin, then am actually not doing great for myself, because am all the more stressed?

Hypertension and headache isn't exactly my idea of regaling as a boss! 

6. There is more on the plate with decisions and important calls to be made. Good or bad?

A central highlight of the research done to ascertain one's stress levels by Penn State University discovered that there is 'more stress involved with those who have more decisions to take' at work, especially jobs that pay well!

Think of stress as an expensive cake and there's a simple fact that's got established. While you can have your cake at times, you can't have it too, you see! And for sure, the feeling of buying a lavish creamy delight (remember you have a high pay-scale) may afford you an elite air about you but the taste of stress won't be delightful. 

7. It also turns out that stress and happiness are subjective feelings

So what do we make of it here? The report says, people express stress and their moods differently, obviously each having a different orientation and expression about these feelings. That sounds fair. But it also suggests that it may well be that richer people or those with significantly higher pays may be quick to whine or feel begrudged.

So Mister, I ought to ask you: you mint the money, drive the expensive car and stay at your luxury apartment and still can't broaden the face muscles?

You may want to loosen that wallet of yours and pass the buck elsewhere, can you?

And finally, the Notorious B.I.G reference

For those of you who didn't understand the reference to one of the greatest hip-hop artistes of the 80s and 90s, experience the song 'Mo Money Mo Problems'. Enjoy, and remember to stay de-stressed.

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