And He Is Now the Richest – Elon Musk Surpasses Jeff Bezos

It was just the other day that entrepreneur & inventor Elon Musk surpassed Bill Gates as the second richest man in the world. And now, just weeks later, Musk becomes the richest man in the world; overtaking Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Obviously the tweeple had a lot to say about Musk becoming the richest man in the world:

An inspiring story

The story of Elon Musk is inspiring for many; his great wealth is only one of the reasons for the man’s popularity.

Richest man in the world

Recently Tesla shares saw a significant increase in valuation; with the result that Musk’s personal value has risen to $195 billion.

The dethroning

Musk has now overtaken Bezos (who is currently valued at $185 billion).


…. all others billionaires behind.

Thinking big

Musk commands the respect of many for thinking big; for pursuing larger than life goals.

A huge following

Musk is hugely popular on social media and many feel that he deserves his wealth and success.

The inventor versus the reseller

People are comparing the businesses of Bezos and Musk – some believe that an inventor and a genuine entrepreneur deserves his success more than the man they consider to be a mere reseller.


Musk has some rather ambitious plans about space exploration and even colonisation. Some feel that they are not realistic.

Social media was in ferment

Everyone was talking about some billionaires – while overlooking others, who may or may not have been ‘disappeared’ by the Chinese.

Many, many memes

Musk once famously tweeted: "Who controls the memes, controls the Universe".

This reason

This is how upset some are with the Coolie No 1 remake recently released on Amazon Prime.

Or maybe this one?

Perhaps this is the reason, joked another one of the tweeple.

Meanwhile Alexa…

Someone was having an imaginary conversation with Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa.

What about the Zuckerberg?

Tesla has now overtaken Facebook to become the 5th-most-valuable company; one of the main reasons why Elon Musk is now the #RichestInTheWorld

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