You Will Not Stop Laughing Once You Read These Rejection Stories

A hilarious rejection makes a far better story than a normal inspirational one. Behaving normal in front of the HR is quite challenging when you know you have given lame answers and you aren’t going to be selected. Rejection can be a powerful motivation but it can also help to build a strong self-esteem. 

Check these extremely funny rejection stories told by the candidates themselves. 

When an engineer was trolled

Interviewer: So, do have any hobbies?

My friend 2: Yes Sir, I write poetry and I like to act.

Interviewer: Okay, any interesting work on poetry?

My friend 2: Sir, this one I made just now.

Interviewer: Okay, tell us.

My friend 2: Chappal mein Bata aur gaadi mein Tata ki baat hi alag hai.(it rhymes too)

Interviewer: What's that? Are you not ashamed of calling yourself a poet?

My friend2 : But, I like acting too. (said this to calm down the interviewer)

Interviewer: Okay, show us something interesting.

(After looking left and right, he saw a drafter kept on a table and since he was in a long term relationship with drafter and ED, he picked it up and held it like a gun.)

My friend2: Dishkaoooon, Dishkaoooon, Dishkaoooon.

( very intensely and slowly he made these firing shots from the drafter pointing towards the interviewer sitting on the leftmost side. He did a little bit of action too.)

Interviewer: What's that?

My friend2:

(he knew he wasn't going to be selected and got little emotional.)

Sir, I imagined him as my ED professor. He is not passing me since the first semester. I really need this job.

Interviewer: Good luck for your future as an engineer. You can leave now.

Result : Rejected

When he failed in local as well as international companies

Company 1 :


Disqualified in written test by 1 mark.

I thought first time will be like that


Company 2 :

Logic shore

Written qualified.

failed in TI

I thought I need to improve my verbal skills


Company 3 :


Written disqualified.

What's happening ?

Meanwhile, my friends are posting in fb "Selected in That company This company !"


Company 4 :


Application to written exam got rejected.


Half of my friends got selected

I should start some Tea shop to serve my friends :/


Company 5 :

Local Company

Failed in Interview

Given a try, it also given it's try


Company 6:


failed in written again by 1 mark


Dear Luck,

    Where are you ?


Hard work in vain.


Company 7 :

Tech mahindra

written exam :

when 2 minutes time left for my exam,

My system got restarted when I'm about to submit my answers.


haha haha haha (Internally crying) I think I'm only one left in my whole college with good skills and left behind this final chance.


Company 8 :

Local BPO

They already got required employees.

Thanks for your time.


Company 9:

Local company

again failed in interview.

Relatives : what are you doing ?

When Havells rejected a person like him

On the fateful day, Havells had a very gruelsome schedule for the screening processes with 4 rounds, running from 6AM in the morning till 1AM in the night.


I was called for interview at around 11:30PM and i was fairly nervous for a couple of reasons -


A. These were pure technical mind-twisting interviews.


B. I had not SHAVED , fairly visible stubble for the interview due to the fact that I simply forgot.


Anyways, I convinced myself that I can crack this interview and fooled myself that this stubble is hardly visible. The final round was a panel interview with 4 people, that unfolded as-


Interviewer 1 - "Hello".


Me - "Hello Everyone. May I please sit".


Interviewer 2 - "Didn't care to shave or have other offers in hand"?


Me - (STUMPED on the first ball) - I was scolding myself to come up with something. Something that can be perceived as truth and doesn't look like a plain lie. I came up with this - "I live very far from my College and the written tests began at 6AM, so I had to start my day at 4AM in the morning to reach in time."


Int 3 - "That's Nice. How about shaving last night."


Me - "We had a power failure last night and the whole town was blacked out. Hence, I could not shave. I could not get time today to get this shaved or could not lend the shaving kit from my Hostel friends due to back to back screening rounds."

Everybody but the Int 2 just nodded and started asking technical questions one after the other. I answered most of those correctly and grew in confidence.


Int 2 - "Last Question for you. You have written here that you are quite a cricket buff. Everyone is a cricket lover in this country. How is your passion different to it?"

Me - (With a huge smile and metaphorical chest thumping )"Sir, I have followed cricket very religiously. At times, I have multitasked various activities to spare time for cricket. Infact, even yesterday night, I was browsing your company's webpage to research a little know-how while watching Ind vs WI live."


Int 2 - "Quite a match, it was."

Me - "Indeed Sir."

And then it hit me.



This guy gave 13 interviews but never got selected

Interviewer: Why did you show the sales curve like this blah blah blah......

Me: Since this type of product is more in demand during this this month, we can advertise it more during blah blah blah ...........

A lot of such questions were shot and I somehow got through them with ease. The interviewer clearly looked impressed. But here comes the  twist, during maybe the last 1-2 minutes of my interview, the interviewer ordered his own meal and he started eating it in front me me (A**hole).

It was the last question he asked me that cost me the interview. He asked, 'Do you have any questions/suggestions?'

That was it! I burst up like a volcano and full on started criticizing their management or rather mismanagement in organizing the interviews. This guy suddenly stopped eating and asked me to kindly leave. :p

And of course, the result was:


This is what happened during an UPSC interview

Interviewer: Tell us what do you know about the Chipko movement...

Guy: *answers correctly*

Interviewer: Who started the movement?

Guy: Sir, Chandi Prasad Bhatt...

Interviewer: Good, do you know what he has been doing of late?

Guy: Sir, Mr. Bhatt passed away just a few years back...

Interviewer: Are you sure?

Guy: Yes Sir, absolutely sure...

Interviewer: Then who's the person sitting beside me?! (pointing to the panelist right next to him)

This happened during the final year of placement

The company was Rio Tinto [ it is one of the leading mining companies in the world which pays 60LPA+ and a job in Australia. :'( ] .

I somehow managed to clear 5 rigorous rounds of screening, telephonic interview with an Australian lady, technical interview (despite being low GPA of 6.5 :P ) and was called by an Indian women in her late 20s for HR interview.

And she was pretty. She was actually one of the prettiest women I have ever met. I felt like Shah Rukh Khan from Main Hoon Na and imagined violins being played. :P ( she never looked like an 30 year old HR, I thought she might be assisting the actual HR).

When I entered the room she was sitting on the student side of the table and asked me to sit besides her and take out my CV.

Now you can imagine the condition of a lonely guy in an engineering college sitting besides this cute HR.

I was already stumped when I saw her.

I managed to take out CV and then smiled at her ( actually it was no less than a grin). She looked at me with some confusion and understood what was going on. She asked me few personal questions and details about my internship etc.

At last she asked, how would you handle working along with people in Australia as their culture is very different.

And my reply was ..."I have heard Australia is full of pretty and humble people" ...and I didn't stop there and added .. "like you"  then again smiled at her. (Stupid me. Yeah I know, I was just 20.)

Result : Rejected with a weird face made by her at the end of the interview. Although I call myself gracefully Shaheed.

When Filas and Puma took a toll at her interview

The interview started with all general questions like tell me about yourself, extra - curricular activities and hobbies where he mentioned online-shopping.

After that-

Interviewer: "Your marks have constantly been decreasing ever since your 10th std. You scored 90%+ in 10th, 88% in 12th and now you have a score of 8.5 cgpa (till 5th semester). What do you think? What is the reason for this constant declination."

A: "Sir, I have always been a very hard working guy and getting a 90% score in 10th is no big deal. I have always felt that learning a concept is far more important than mugging up the whole syllabus. If you look at my semester wise results then you would find that my gpa (grade point average) is always better than the previous ones. So, even if my cgpa is not better than std. 12th result, this cannot deny the fact that I am improving."

Interviewer: "Isn't life all about this? Improvement."

Soon the interviewer began going through his semester wise results.

Interviewer: "I see that you got a D grade in Digital Logic in 2nd semester. Any reasons?"

A: "I was not weak in that subject. I knew the concepts but I just didn't know how to put those on the answer sheets. No matter how hard I was trying, nothing helped. And D on the results is better than F."

This was followed by few other technical questions.

In the end the interviewer had one question -

Interviewer: "What do you think about the flip-flop?" (In digital logic this term means kind of circuits that are used in computers to store program information - RAM memory.)

A: "I believe Pumas are great. Though you can get Filas at cheaper rates on Myntra but Pumas last long."

The interviewer must have had a very good laugh. :D

You simply cannot fool the interviewer

Interviewer: Would you be comfortable being posted anywhere in India?

T: Actually,Sir, my mum is very old and is in fragile health. Being the only child of my parents it is my responsibility to take good care of her. This is the reason which prohibits me from traveling around let alone living in a different city.

Interviewer : Starts asking other questions .

(After sometime)

Interviewer: We are very impressed by the technical knowledge that you have and we'd like to consider you for our New York branch. What do you think about that?

T: Sir I'd love to go to New York . I was waiting for this opportunity and I assure you that I'll work hard and you'll never regret this decision.


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