These Words Are So Cute, Why Don't We Use Them Any Longer?

Old English language has its own charm and we absolutely agree! Here are some English words from the primitive age that should replace the words we are using now! 


Used since 1577, this word means NONSENSE and can be replaced with it without looking bad. Example: This is utter fiddle-faddle! 


GIBBERISH- You can use this word as- Whatever he has written in the letter is absolute bafflegab. 


FALSE BEHAVIOUR. Example:She fell for his humbuggery and got herself duped. 


Meaning FOOLISH or UNTRUE WORDS, you can check this example for a proper usage: Horsefeathers they are! They complain about our music system being loud when they actually play it at maximum volume! 


Meaning NONSENSE. Example: Whatever she said until now was utter tommyrot. 


Meaning SENSELESS TALK. Example: He indulges at times in stultiloquence that seems both funny and ridiculous. 

Hum durgeon

AN IMAGINARY SICKNESS- He is just suffering from Hum Durgeon and nothing else. 


STUPID STATE OF MIND- This can be used as ' He has a zwodder!' 

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