What Is Your Shoeman Thinking While You Are In His Store

How many times you have first stared at the glass display window, admiring a pair of shoes and then very hesitantly entered the showroom. Yes, most of us have done it at one time or the other and the man who could have actually helped us, was ignored totally. Yes, we are talking about the Shoeman. So, before you visit another shoe showroom, read this.

We know your right size

I know your exact shoe size. Why do you need to get into a smaller shoe size when there is a larger size available? This is your shoeman talking. 

Attitude problem

Why is this customer giving me so much attitude when I am just a paid person doing my job. 

I have much more knowledge about shoes than you have

Ask me directly, instead of roaming around the showroom for hours without choosing anything. 

Please buy this, please buy this!

Hours of fittings and still the customer hasn't decided to buy anything! Please buy at least a single pair. 

I hope this one suits her now!

Oh, so many fittings have already tired me out and now she needs the red one! 

She is such a snob

I don't like the way she is talking to me. Looks like she had a fight with her husband but why is she being rude to me?

Why is he running away from me like that

I just asked 'may I help you sir' and the customer ran away like anything. I am just here to help you dude! 

Don't know why they never ask me anything

I am an expert and have so much experience, so, why do customers Google for each and every thing? They can just ask me! 

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