What's Trending Now Are These Hilarious Tweets By Women On Twitter!

Twitter is an insane place. Millions of people tweeting zillions of thoughts in a single place often lead to non-stop entertainment for most of us. Check these ten hilarious tweets by women that will leave you craving for more, quite literally! 

We bet

All of us would just want to do that...for the rest of our lives! 

Oh so true!

This leaves us in splits! 

And that would take care of the revenge

Because karma is a book keeper who doesn't make mistakes! 

So much for being a foodie

A 'goodie', oh no a 'foodie' is all she wants to be ! 

That's true!

We all are guilty of this! 

No one needs to know that

Because half the world does not exist for you and for the other half, you do not! 

That's a husband for you!

And no one says a thing when women do it almost every day! 

Not what he thinks it is

It is not what the husband thinks, all in the name of KItkat. 

The ultimate truth

This is such a difficult thing to understand *sigh*!

Google should know everything

And even after a year, Google can't do such a simple thing! Why Google why?! 

Happy tweeting ladies. Keep at it.

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