This Is What Women Go Through When They Have A Crush On A Guy At Work

Admit it. You like that gorgous guy in the office. Don't get defensive. It's OK, we spend a significant part of our life with our colleagues and it is very normal to get attracted to and infatuated with them. We have all been there and we empathise. Which is why we put this list together, so you know, that we know and we understand.

Exaggetaring facts

Yes he certainly looked at you and that was it! But no, you tell your friends that he passed, gave you THAT look, smiled at you and well, most certainly will be asking you on a date next time! 

Already thinking about the future

You have already started planning your future with that person. You dream of how it would be to drive into work together, and go home together, and take lunch break get the drift.

Getting anxious when your crush is nearby

Oh he is around, somewhere close, and you have to act all cool and sophisticated. So what you do is, you talk too much, laugh too loud, move your hands about too much, blush and overall make a complete fool of yourself. Then you want to go to the bathroom and vomit. Sound familiar?

Focusing on work becomes difficult

You really want to focus on your work and do a killer job of it. But for the strangest reasons all you can focus on is his shirt today, or the fact that he made plans for the weekend with other colleagues but you weren't invited, or something or the other.

Blushing when talking about that person

Sure! You do not have a crush on him. But for some strange reason whenever he is mentioned, your cheeks heat up. So much so that all your colleagues have noticed it, and have even started to tease you about it. And no matter how vehemently you deny it, they just keep taunting you. Creating a vicious cycle for the red cheeks.

Feeling tongue tied with embarrassment

Since you do not have a crush on him, there is no reason for you to be completely unable to speak when spoken to. But that's precisely what happens. You hope he speaks to you and when he does you either smile, or walk away, or just nod.

Your eyes hurt with all the gazing

You spend a significant amount of time following him around with your eyes. If you are honest with yourself, you'll admit that you literally stare at him whenever he is in the vicinity. So how can you possibly not be cruching on this guy?

The reality checks are losing out

You do tell yourself all the reasons why a relationship with this guy will simply not work out. Work relationships create challenges in the workplace. Everyone knows that. Plus there are other things about him that do not appeal to you. You've made the list and you go over it everyday. But at the end of the list, you still sign, then you get upset with yourself and so it go on.

Now you can continue to live this way and pray the whole fluttering situation goes away. Or you could do something about it and ask him out. Take the risk and see what comes out of it.

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