We Bet You've All Heard These From Your Teachers At School

School! Our much loved and adored 'temple of learning' can also often be a playground of harmless humor. Right, from what the principal directs to the orders that get issued by teachers, school humor often comprises of funny class-monitoring regimen and funny stuff and diatribes that one experiences on the playground. Can you think of the wittiest things you heard while at school as we dig into 10 all time funniest phrases heard here.

1. The lunch break

Always about the hunger pang, never mind if hunger struck before it was intended to be served, school was fascinating about what teachers had to say right up to the lunch-break. A funny quote that has stood out was the important instruction rolled out for children adhere to, 'Okay kids, its lunch break now, for you to have lunch'.

Really, we thought that was dinner time!

2. The punishment that was amusing for everyone

Caught talking while the teacher was busy lecturing? The first response would be a cold-blooded stare, the immediate aftermath of which would be a gory punishment: go outside the class and stand like a rooster, a proper rooster! Now, what exactly is a proper rooster! Will the real rooster, please stand up?

3. The all-important Accountancy wisdom

An important moment from school that has stuck by being how the professor came to uncannily demonstrate the basic accounting principle, intending to demonstrate 'Debit what comes in, credit what goes out'. In the process of explaining this the accounts teacher opened his wallet and not finding a single rupee immediately asked one of the students, ' could you hand me a 5 or 10 rupee note', thus crediting the entire class with a stock of laughter. 

4. The surprise test

That was always the key to catch students off-guard. Completely unprepared to understand the consequences of their unruly class behavior, we students would often be subjected to a loud grunt by the Math teacher: "okay kids, prepare for a surprise test on Monday". Quite a surprise test that. 

5. That important sub-heading in your answer sheet

At times, students can be quite irrational or downright inattentive. Examining the history answer sheets of students, professors usually disregarded the casual way of writing responses saying, ' where's the bullet in the bullet point?' Everyone hands-up! There's possibly a bullet point in the answer sheet.

6. The parent trap

So you've just been informed of the all important parent teacher meeting that's slated for the next Monday. And on Friday you are reminded, 'Okay kids, request you to get your parents for the parents-teacher meeting, it's very important'. Now who exactly did you think we were getting for the meet anyway? 

7. Passing in all subjects

There were good teachers and there were bad teachers. And in there somewhere were those who gave up on some of us saying, rater assuring, 'if you pass, I will quit teaching'. How hopeful?

8. Saving electricity

Ever had that funny moment when you are about to leave the computer or IT lab whatever it was called when you were handed an elicit instruction? We wonder, just how many of us would have heard this rather peculiar instruction from the teacher, 'Dear children, please switch off all lights and fans properly before leaving'! Now, how exactly are we supposed to properly switch off lights and fans. Perhaps, realign the school belt where it's supposed to be, comb your hair and adjust your tie before following suit?

9. The two of us

A common phrase which may have just been an occupational hazard for teachers with specs, 'both of you three boys come here to me'. You immediately wonder, from where do you get the third one now?

10. Telling the bright future

Grammar Nazi's would have had a great laugh about this one. That weird moment when some of our English teachers retorted with anger, ' if you don't study now, nothing will ever become of you'! That says it all. 

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