Best Cartoon Reactions To The Shock Of Trump Triumph

So the unthinkable has happened and one of the most divisive figures in American history is now President of the United States. There is a racist, misogynistic, self obsessed, ignorant and really not very bright narcissist heading to the White House and predictably the reactions were swift, fierce and deeply felt.

The future looks scary

It does indeed. As President Obama famously said, if a man cannot be trusted to tweet by his own team, how can he be trusted with nuclear codes… sounds about right.

Will we see the Trump Brand everywhere?

Donald Trump loves his own brand; he puts it everywhere. Where all will we now see the Trump mark?

Much was lost yesterday

 It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton who was defeated. The media was poleaxed by the result, regular people were in shock!

The famous comb-over attracted its share of jokes

Trump’s famous orange tan and his awful hair (the comb-over that looks like a cat fell asleep on his head; which we are assured is really real) set the jokesters going too.

People are scared

Did I say that already? But really it is scary. The world woke up to something not really deemed possible; many are scared, anxious, upset; some still in denial.

“He tells it like it is”

This is an old cartoon, but it got new currency on Twitter when the awful news came in. Trump’s inability to disguise his (many) faults are viewed with horror by many; others see it as a sign of honesty.

Will people want to emigrate to Canada from the USA?

Some think so. Let’s see – the choice is between one of the most progressive world leaders Justin Trudeau, and Donald Trump… tough choice? Not so much.

Rigged? NO!

Throughout the election campaign, Donald Trump had repeatedly whined about the elections being rigged against him. Clearly that pet peeve of now out the window.

Donald the Great Divider

He is seen as one of the most polarizing and divisive figures in American history. The ideals of democracy, equality, inclusiveness and freedom are seen as having taken a serious hit with his election to the country's highest office.

Some cartoonists had shuddered at the possibility

They could barely credit the reality!

Meanwhile in Mexico

Trump wants a wall to keep the Mexicans out. The Mexicans may want the same thing… to keep the Americans (especially one American) out.

Is this what that wall will look like?


There is a sense of impending doom

The shock of yesterday has given way to dread and anxiety about the days to come. If there is an earthquake can the aftershocks be far behind?

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