Find Out What Short Girls Like And Dislike. You're Welcome!

Being a short person doesn't make you a dwarf, but people don't get that. So, you would often find people looking at you with either a ridiculous grin or a sad look. But surprisingly, short people have never been obsessed with height, neither their own or the taller people out there. They are also highly secretive and don't show their emotions too often. So, if you 'like' someone short, chances are that you should know these 10 things about them. 

They are not scared of their tall counterparts

Short girls know that they have to survive in this society with their taller counterparts and hence have no qualms about it. 

They do not suffer from an inferior complexity

They absolutely know that height has nothing to do with one's capability and hence have no regrets in being a short person. 

They like being friends with tall people

For them, friendship is devoid of height and have no reasons not to be friends with taller people! 

They hate public places where there is no consideration for short people

Why do shopping malls keep their racks so high? Why? Why? Why? Why? 

They are happy that they don't have to do the more difficult things

Cleaning the wardrobe, painting the walls, getting something from the top shelf- you have to ask someone else. Short girls love to share these workloads with their siblings and spouse *Grin*

They are stronger than you think

Don't believe us? Get into a fight with them and see for yourself! 

Sometimes they wish they were a little taller

But only sometimes, at other times they are happy being what they are!

Socially awkward moments

Sometimes, they have to face a few problems that are socially awkward, but they know how to get past it! Like a Boss we say! 

Hate people who call them height related nick names

Yes, they hate people who call them short all the time. Who does that? 

They hate when others forget they are real people and not furniture

They often need to tell people not to use them as arm rests because no one actually cares to see below! 

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