We've Discovered The Elusive Answer To What Makes A 'Perfect Man'

No one is perfect and definitely not men! Although they might try too hard to impress us from time to time, they fail and at times quite miserably. But still apart from their failures and mistakes, there are some qualities that turn a man into being perfect. Let's find out exactly what makes a perfect man 'Perfect'! 

He appreciates you

You are not just any girl for him, you are 'his girl' and that's how appreciative your perfect man would be of you. 

He knows you made a mistake but doesn't rub it in

He knows that you are also a normal human being just like him and overlooks your mistakes. To him, you are perfect *aww*!

He is just there 'always'

He is just there 'always' ! You can count him always and there is never a single time, happy or sad when he is not around. He is universe's best gift to you and you know that!

Stays rock solid during mood swings

He completely understands your mood swings and listens to you without flinching or losing his own temper even once. He loves you and you know that! 

He can fight the Universe for you

No one can say anything bad about you when he is around. Not even about your bad hairstyle. Yes, he can see it, but he chooses to not have anyone talk bad about you.

Your personal haven away from the stressful world

He is your own portable de-stress mechanism. Always ready to become what you need when you are fighting with the nasty bad world. 

Problems aren't allowed near you

He surely will turn into a superhero and save you from a problem. For him, you are the most precious being and he won't let anything bother you. 

He'd probably do anything for you

Incluing but not limited to turning into your personal guinea pig. You can experiment with his looks and he won't mind! After all, he is perfect. 

Honestly, no one is perfect. But it is these small qualities that turn your man into a perfect one. Question is, do you reciprocate by being hte perfect woman for him?

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