Watch Out For These 7 Verbal Red Flags That Signal Deception In A Relationship

Relationships are difficult, because there are certain rules one is expected to follow while in a relationship. People who want to have the relationship as well as maintain other extra curricular activities, tend to have problems with these rules. So they resort to deception. When one person in a relationship begins to feel something amiss, but can't quite put their hands on what it is, here are a few verbal red flags that will help you, because they usually mean that some sort of deception is taking place.

1. “That’s about it.”

When you say, “That’s about it.” it means that you have enough of knowledge about the concept and you don't want to show it off. If a person tells a story with some in depth details and then says, "That's it" it means that he is aware of other minute details but does not want to elaborate openly.

2. “Are you accusing me?”

When a person is a deceptive, he slowly tries to turn up the table and starts to throw the ball in the other persons court. When a person who hasn't actually been accused says, “Are you accusing me?” or "how dare you accuse me", it shows that there is something cooking. The recipe is usually for an unbelievable story.

3. “I don’t remember doing that.”

Deceptive person

An easy deflection especially if it is a matter that took place some time ago. It is easy to turn arond and say that one simply does not have any recollection of such a thing ever happening. A person who is honest will wrack their brains trying to remember something, while the other type will stick to their guns and claim non recollection till the end.

4."Why would I do that?”

When a person starts answering a question with a question, believe me, he is trying to hide something. Or at least stall for some time. This is a verbal flag which indicates the possibility of deception. By saying this, deceptive people get time to think about how to deflect all the questions coming their way.

5.“You can’t prove that.”

A relationship is based on trust. If a person needs to go out and get proof of an indescretion then the relationship is dead in the water. So when an accuser or someone who is suspicious says things they haven't yet gone down to the level of looking for proof. So the one being questioned tends to use this statement to make the accuser feel bad.

6. "Don't blame me, now"

This one is a real classic! Usually used by people who want to make their partners feel that it is actually their fault that the other person was forced to cheat on them or decieve them. These kinds of people are dangerous ot anyone's health.

7. "I challenge you"

When a person wants to challenge you for a particular thing, it simply means he is trying to get into a fight with you so that you end up wasting time. He tries to counterattack you and put the blame on something or someone related to you. Deceptive people want to divert you from whatever you have and and hence they end up starting fights with you, so the focus shifts.

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