Things You Should Never Say To A Woman Who Has Just Got A Short Hair Cut

Hair is considered to be a woman's biggest accessory. Which is probably why an entire industry runs on how to grow hair, keep them from falling, make them shine, give them bounce, give them volume and so on and so forth. The latest trend across the world when it comes to women's hair, is to go short. Those who are giving in to the demands of fashion though may not like being told certain things. So here is your list of warnings.

Oh, you looked nice with long hair

Uhhh, the only way to interpret that back handed compliment is that they do not look good with short hair. That means that the compliment you just gave is no compliment at all. What the hell?!

Sometimes experimenting with things is a good idea

Excuse me! Experimenting woulf be trying a new combing method of hair accessory. Chopping ones hair off is an act of finality and it takes months to grow back. So no, this is not an experiment, it is a fashion statement. Kindly treat it as such.

Do you like your short hair?

Once you've said this, the person you said it too will narrow their eyes and say something terribly sarcastic, meant to cut you to the quick and preferably have to die bleeding from the sharpness of the words. So do yourself a favour and don't say it.

Is it to save shampoo?

Seriously! Would you really say that to someone? Why, why?

Are You Making Some Kind Of Feminist Statement?

So when men keep long hair, are they getting in touch with their feminine side? What does the length of your hair have to do with the way you feel about women's equality?

Are you a lesbian?

Well the question you want to ask is whether I am the King in a lesbian relationship, because there are many lesbians with really long beautiful hair. (You are an iditot, by the way!)

It's like buying big clothes for kids, lasts a while, right?

Just so you know, short styled hair, needs grooming more often than long hair, because as it grows out the look, disapears and the person starts to look dishevelled. So the shorter you go, the more salon visits you require.

Oh, that's a brave decision

Brave? Isn't that a bit extreme? It's just hair and it will grow back. Unless what you are trying to say is that the person looks absolutely awful, the haircut doesn't suit them at all, and you want them to go into depression.

Couldn't you find any other hairstyle?

How about a little support here? Clearly they are more adventurous than you, and are more flexible than you. So instead of being jealous of the fact that they did something you'd never have the nerve to, give them a compliment.

Aren't you bored to keep short length? You can't do much with them.

That's the whole point. When one goes short they are doing something with their hair that is different. You should try it sometime.

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