They Look Like Creatures Out Of A Nightmare But Are Real Living Beings

Do you know that we have hardly scrathced the surface of the number of different species of living things that exist on this planet whether they are flora or fauna? Basically we don't know squat. Out the ones we know and have named these are some of the scariest looking things on this planet. Some of them are scary in their deeds as well: 

White-shouldered Bat

As scary as they might look, these bats are human friendly and their diet consists of fruits and small insects.


These fish have a glowing flesh right above their head that attracts prey. They have sharp teeth and can catch a prey double their size with ease. They showed this fish in Finding Nemo.

Goliath Bird-Eater Spider

These are the largest spiders in the world and use their venomous fangs to attack prey.

Giant Deep-Sea Isopod

These scavengers are as scary as scary can get and have seven pairs of legs that give them a gigantic appearance.


They have sharp teeth that look like fangs and a long spine with a photophore at the end that can lure its prey from a distance.

Fangtooth Fish

Aren’t you scared? Yes, these are real fish with a huge head and large fangs and the name quite suits them! 

Lobster Moth Caterpillar

As menacing as they look, these caterpillars are harmless and get their name from a lobster tail like abdomen.

Star-nosed Mole

These moles have fleshy tentacles on their nose that make them look quite scary. Their body features help them to find prey in a forest’s green surrounding.

Next time when you are planning to cuddle your animals, think about their scary cousions too!

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