Two sisters fight. Two brothers fight. But if it is a brother and sister then it is out and out war on the one hand, and complete devotion on the other hand. Here is an article that attempts to delve into the myriad emotions that exist between brother and sister.

Let me kill you

Best friends Let me kill you

From the very first day, you are the biggest competitors and also the closest friends. Only brothers and sisters know how to navigate this strange roller coaster of extreme emotions.


Lets break it

Partners in crime Let’s break it

While you may not get along if it comes to a common enemy like the neighbour you don’t like or the overbearing cousin then you become partners in crime. If you get away with it then its all good. If caught then the blame can always be put on the other sibling.



Relishing the task of finding new ways of humiliation Sorry!

It is a universal fact that the one who is younger gets humiliated and dominated by the elder one. It is also an universal fact that the older one feels like everyone only loves the younger one and gives him or her the benefit of the doubt always. “Woh chhota hai na…!”


Its your turn now

Who needs enemies? It’s your turn now

There is an unspoken war of one-up-man-ship going on, unbeknownst to the rest of the world and hours are spent plotting and planning the others downfall.


No please!

The indulgence No please!

They also instinctively know when the other is low or needs a pick-me-up and then they become indulgent of all the whims the other person can come up with.


Turn around

The annoyance Turn around

“You’re so annoying!” “No you’re annoying” “No, YOU!”, “NO YOU!” and so on goes the battle of who is more annoying between the two. If you ask us they are both annoying.


The sweet relation

The unconditional acceptance The sweet relation

At the end of the day there’s nothing greater than the bond that exists between a brother and sister. You know this is the one person who will accept you as you are and will even help you get some distance from pressure sources.


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Author’s Name: Pranay Gautam