Revealing The Secret Guilty Pleasures Of Winter That We All Indulge In

It's winter and hence, it's officially the season when laziness grips us. Getting out of bed seems like a task and we can drink anything hot in a gulp. However, winter also brings out our guilty pleasures!

Lazing around all day

Not doing anything unless asked to do, lazing around all day in one corner snuggled beneath a blanket, this is a (guilty) joy we want to stay with us forever! 

Wearing too many cardigans

Oh yeah, we all do that. It's a little chilly outside and we are absolutely ready with our sweaters, mufflers and ear caps! 

Over excited about everything

Oh its winter, I can finally have hot coffee in peace. Oh its winter, I can finally wera my Zara jacket! Well, most of us do get over excited at the first sign! 

No shower for days

Who wants to shower during winter, it's not that there is sweat or we are dirty, so taking a nice hot bath forevery two or three, totally  days makes sense to us! 

Panicky about slightest things

We all tend to panick really fast, fog outside, traffic jams or accidents, cancelled flights or trains, windshields not working properly, oh fretting is so much a part of winter now! 

Using too much room heating

We know it's bad for the health but then we can't control it! Morning or evening, we are always found cuddling up around the heater. 

Going crazy at the winter wear sales, every year

Yes, we all have that one cabinet for winter wears but then it keeps on expanding since we have to buy the newer ones in fashion for this year. Although it doesn't matter currently, in future we are left crying about the over-expense. 

Party fashion where suddenly the cold doesn't bother you

There is a party and we would certainly not let winter come in the way of our fashion. So for an exception, say bye to winter wear and bring out the short dresses! Even though we will freeze to death or catch pneumonia.

Every winter, we pledge not to do these things ever again but then, it keeps happening again and again! Oh yes, we are so guilty!

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