Game of Thrones at the Emmys and Other Award Highlights

It was American TV’s biggest night and the stars were out in force. There was a hilarious song about diversity called We Fixed it, there was predictably a lot of representation from the Game of Thrones team and even an on-stage proposal during the 2018 Emmy Awards. Here are some of the highlights.


It is the biggest, grandest, most unlike anything before it. So was it any wonder that GOT won the Emmy for the most outstanding drama series?

He won too

Peter Dinklage, arguably the world’s most famous little person and GOT’s most likeable character, won the award for the most outstanding supporting actor in a drama series.

Bend the knee!

GOT picked up 9 Emmy awards this year; more awards than any other scripted series!

When the Emmys got political

Actors such as Rachel Brosnahan used her award speech to tell people to stay engaged and to vote. The wife of Jesse Peretz, (director of Glow) had the letters “Stop Kavanaugh” written on her arm to protest against Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

More politics at the Emmys

There were also those who turned up in Nike gear to show support for the brand and their association with Colin Kaepernik. Ryan Murphy also decided to dedicate the award to the LGBTQ community – to increasing awareness and for creating stricter hate laws.

Honouring the Grand Old Dame of American TV

She has been in TV for over 80 years. That itself is staggering. She is 96 and has done roles of all sorts over the years; also having received 8 Emmys. She was honoured for amazing journey and received a standing ovation.

And then this happened

When Glen Weiss came on to stage, to accept the Emmy for outstanding director for a variety special, he proposed to his girlfriend. He gave her his mother's ring, she said yes and it was all rather emotional!

For diversity!

What with TV films such as Crazy Rich Asians and To All the Boys I Loved as well as some others that did their bit to increase the representation of nonwhite diversity was something of a buzzword at the 70th Emmy awards. The TV fraternity has been patting itself on the back a bit, for this. This song both takes a dig at the smugness of those who believe that enough has been done for diversity and inclusivity; and also celebrates the fact that there is at least increased awareness of this now.

A recurring theme!

Nonwhite people are seriously under-represented in entertainment; something that content creators are only now paying heed to. People now recognise the fact that this is a systemic problem that needs addressing. Plus there are so many stories waiting to be told…isn’t it all about telling good stories after all?

In a nutshell

Here are the most significant awards in a neat little capsule that CBS put together for us.  

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