Bengal is well-known for its luscious sweets worldwide. A bite of Bengali sweetmeat will melt your heart and will be a bona fide treat for your taste buds. People from all ages love to taste Bengali cuisine, especially sweets, not because they are a primary part of Bengali food, but simply because they taste so damn good. As there is a gigantic medley of delectable Bengali sweets dishes out there, here are the five you just can’t afford to miss.

  1. Mishti Doi:


The most favorable Bengali dish, prepared with caramelized sugary stuff and thick milky paste, Mishti Doi can carry out your sweet yearnings easily. Trust me, it’s a sweet dropped from heaven. While Mother Dairy came out with it’s mass produced version of this sweet, we still highly recommend trying the ones found at sweet shops in little earthen pots.


  1. Mohan Bhog:


Semolina made, Mohan Bhog is another majestic and scrumptious sugary sweetmeat prepared in various shapes and sizes. This sweet dish is on the top of traditional Bengali sweet lovers because of its unique and amazing savour. It is also rare and not found easily at sweet shops, so for this a visit to West Bengal may be warranted.


  1. Chomchom:


Want to savour a juicy sweet, cooked in sugar and cardamom paste and is filled with Khoya and fresh cream? Are you already salivating? Then don’t wait and start devouring some of the famous Bengali sweetmeat ‘Chomchom’. Utterly appetizing! It has a version without the khoya filling, which is equally amazing.


  1. Pati Shapta:


This is a dying tradition, one that Ma’s and Dida’s are well known for. This is a sweet wrap sometimes served with molten jaggery. The wrap is a slender sweet wrinkled crepe made of maida (flour), sooji (semolina) and rice flour. The centre is  filled with a mixture of coconut and jaggery. Eat it hot or cold, it will dissolve in your mouth and end your sweetish desires. By the way, you can never stop at one.


  1. Kheer Kodombo (Kadamb):


Kheer Kodombo

Kheer Kodombo

This is the chom-chom turned inside out. In this the sweet juicy well cooked part is on the inside and the khoya, less sweet section forms the outer coating. Absolutely delectable.


Author Name: Panay Gautam

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