It’s not always power and/or money that women find attractive. In fact, most of the time, it’s your personality and some other factors that helps steal a woman’s heart. So if there is a woman out there who you’re trying to impress, here are five basics to start with.

  1. Don’t be like Johnny Bravo 

We all are familiar with Johnny Bravo, the man who never charmed women with his style or muscles. In fact his love for his own physique actually put women off. So even if you think you’re Adonis, don’t tell the ladies.


  1. Reconsider your wardrobe 

Not everything suits everyone. And what you see in Hindi films don’t happen in real life. So please understand what clothes look good on you, what the current trends are and what your pocket will allow. Then go out shopping or order online.


  1. Never ignore hygiene 

Basics again. Shower daily, use deo, keep breath mints, wear fresh washed clothes everyday, trim and groom your hair and facial hair. You know all this already, just need to start following it.


  1. Get off the phone and focus on the girl

Want to make an impression then you cannot be looking at your phone or reading WhatsApp jokes out loud. That makes you look stupid. Instead talk with them, be yourself, try to have some real fun and you’re bound to make an impression.


  1. Don’t talk about things you don’t know about, instead focus on what you do know

Indulge in a conversation !

Lastly but most importantly, women like to talk about stuff. You should be intelligent enough to hold conversations. Women appreciate men who can speak intelligently about something beyond cricket, exercise and beer.


Author Name – Pranay Gautam