Adarsh Balak Demonstrates Some Of The More Concerning Trends In Today's Society

1. Taking a stand on important issues is a must even if it lacks purpose!

At times it seems, 'today's Adarsh Balak' is one who will necessarily harp and have an opinion on all things important and concerning, such as LGBT issues without realizing the gravity or sensitivity of the matter. But to be 'heard' is a must!

2. Ping-Ponging for some fun even at the cost of others' plight

Someone getting injured and hurt isn't exactly a bright idea to be made into a reason of having fun! And yet some of the things that gain traction on social media are questionable to say the least.

3. The one thing that hasn't changed, judging women

The meaning of 'Adarsh Kanya' has hardly changed in all these years. Society continues to look down upon, and label as 'bad' women who do things their own way, or at least do the same things that a man does.

4. Police-giri the Adarsh Balak Way

What's law and order for today's Adarsh Balak, as long as he or she can find a way around the law, conning those concerned in the process?

5. Money should come, nevermind at what cost or sensitivity of the matter

This is a different day and age we are living in. Hard-work trails fast-buck and having fun is a must. Easy money and the need to find entertainment defines today's generation never mind how one pays for it. There's a defunct appraoch rendered to earn it in today's era. This couldn't be more aptly illustrated by Adarsh Balak in this one. 

6. Rabble rouser or thought starter?

To voice some concern about a meaningful cause is important and wise. But gone are the days when people really meant things that they raised a voice about. Today, the definition of fire-starting a revolution or starting a cause is often sheer triviality. That is Adarsh Balak's way today. 

7. Having a 'high' is a must for today's Adarsh Balak

This one tells a very deep story. Gone are the protests to smoking, because this is a generation that is into smoking up.

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