#HostelMemories: Just The Right Mashup Of The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

#Hostelmemories, are a mixed bag. They push you, make you home sick and turn you into a champ of survival. Other than the knowledge of how important is Maggi in the middle of the night, hostel has its silent code of conduct that we sometimes break and sometimes just let it be. But no matter what, they are still the best days of our life. 

The Quiet Hours

The silent zone, when you are not supposed to talk loudly or shout. This is just the time to sneak for a smoke or tickle your friend's feet so that he evidently shouts out.

The polite request

Be it a pen drive or an ear bud, you always asked our hostel mate before using it. And the clothes as well. Yaaro me sab chalta hai.... sometimes backfires.

Clean up your own mess

For the first time in your life you possibly dusted your room and picked clothes from the floor. Now you know the importance of 'Ma' factor. 

Where did all the food go?

Sharing and digging into homemade stuff made you so good a thief. But all in good spirit. 

Chaddi Buddy

Understood it quite well that it's more of a phrase and less to do with sharing. 

Now you can talk to anyone

You learn to talk to the shy guy, stubborn guy, arrogant guy and the whole set. Bring it on and you are totally on. 

No peeking

Nobody got into anybody's business and yet we managed to stay together. Something the daily soaps need to learn. 

Bathroom hygiene

Keep it clean, use it wise and never let it be wet, you learnt this faster than the Swaach Bharat campaign. 

 No matter what, it is an experience everyone should have. If nothing else, you will completely understand the phrase... 'if it doesn't break you, it makes you stronger".

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