Indian cuisine is famous across the globe for its mouth and eye watering, rich flavours and fine aroma. Just hearing the word Chicken Curry and Mutton Korma is enough to get our taste buts salivating. There are also some interesting dishes from various parts of the country that are very differnet and the people who eat them, love them.


Originating in the North-Eastern region of India, Jadoh is like regular pulao, but it is cooked with the blood and intestines of pigs or chicken.



Chaprah is a dish made up of red ants, their eggs and aromatic spices. It might repulse you or make you curious, but the tribes in Chhatisgarh can eat this snack 24×7. The red ants in this region are even used for garnishing some regular dishes. So, what do you think? Want to go and try out some ants?


Baby Shark Curry

This star dish of Goan cuisine tastes more or less like any other fish curry, but as it happens it is quite difficult to catch a shark and hence, this dish won’t go easy on your pockets.


Frog Legs

This exotic dish is part of the Goan and Sikkim cuisines. Fried frog legs are also considered to have major health benefits. This takes “taste bhi, health bhi” to a whole new level.


Eri Polu

I’m sure all the ladies out there love silk sarees and if you want to thank the silk worms in person, try out this dish. In Assam, Eri silkworm is a very popular delicacy served with Khorisa, made from fermented bamboos.