Some Weird Things People Manage To Swallow

All over the world, people have been swallowing crazy little things that you have no idea about! Right from nose rings to whole vegetables, a lot of such items have been swallowed; sometimes leading to fatal accidents and at other times causing health problems. So, even though you believe it can't happen to you, here are few things you just keep away from your mouth.

Jewellery parts

Nose rings, Ear pins, Earring caps, etc. are just a few jewellery parts that one may swallow by mistake.


A common thing that children have been known to swallow in the past, erasers are bad, really bad!

Ping pong ball

The very small ping pong balls can get in your mouth and might get swallowed accidentally.

Pen caps

People have been known to chew the pen caps and then swallow them by accident. That really happened!

Toffee Wrappers

Eating a toffee needs you to be wary of the toffee wrapper too.


An innocent looking white piece of paper can very well get in your mouth and down your throat. Be wary, stay happy we say!


That awkward moment in movies when a guy proposes to a girl and she accidentally swallows (or pretends to swallow!) the engagement ring! Well that actually happens!


Another common thing that has a history of being swallowed, keep them away from your children.

Bottle caps

Another common thing that can be swallowed, stay wary of these caps.            


Although very common, a lot of children and grown up adults have swallowed coins in the past.

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