The Reverse Side Of Turmeric: Here's Why You Need To Stay Away From It

Turmeric is known to have a plethora of health benefits, but what if it isn't that beneficial as it is known to be. Turmeric has a reverse side too, not known by many people. Here are a few times when you should not consume turmeric. 

When you have Blood pressure problem

People taking medicines for high blood pressure should absolutely stay away from consuming turmeric. 

When you are diabetic

Turmeric lowers blood pressure and hence it might lead to further problems if you are diabetic leading to Hypoglycemia. 

When you have problem in gall bladder

People with gallbladder related problems should stay away from turmeric at any cost as it might aggravate your problem. 

When you have kidney stones

Oxalate causes kidney stones to form in your body, while turmeric leads to a change in their metabolism. Hence, people who have kidney stones should stay away from it.

Consumption with other medicines

Turmeric should never ever be combined with other medicines since it leads to a lot of side-effects like blurring, nausea, stomach pain, sweating, etc. It is always recommended to consult a medical expert first. 

Stomach pain

Excess consumption of turmeric may lead to nausea, stomach pain and other stomach related problems. It might also lead to diarrhea. 

When you are pregnant

Turmeric leads to uterus stimulation and can lead to menstrual period that is risky for a pregnant woman. 

Read the side-effects? Be wary of using turmeric the next time and lead a healthy life. 

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