In today’s day of instant photos of anything and everything, portraits painted by hand, the old fashioned way, is just a dying art. Not when you have Prisma though! The mobile phone app instantly transforms common or garden variety pictures taken from simple point and shoot cameras and transforms them into works of art. The artistic looking results are very interesting indeed. Everyone in Bollywood certainly seems to think so. Everyone seems to be going ‘Prisma’tic these days!

“Is it OK not to be OK?” asked Alia Bhatt


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Alia Bhatt used the photo editor app to post pictures of herself and superstar Shah Rukh Khan when the first look of the upcoming film Dear Zindagi was launched recently.



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Clearly she is extremely enamored of the app and the various different types of results it produces.


Varun Dhawan is going all arty


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He had this image to share while he shot for his upcoming film Dhishoom in Morocco.



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And there he is again rocking the Van Gogh look.


John Abraham also got into the act


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Here he is looking very intense and chiseled



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And then him again, with Varun Dhawan saying its just #5DaysToDhishoom.


Arjun Kapoor also tried his hand at Prisma


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To great effect it must be said!



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And yet again, very cool selfie there.


And here is Siddharth Malhotra going the Prisma way


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As though he needs any app filters to make women go all weak at the knees!


Shahid Kapoor made good use of Prisma as well


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The Udta Punjab star had this rather smouldering picture of himself to share.


The beauteous Deepika Padukone…


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…Seemed to be only more beautiful post Prisma!


So did Priyanka Chopra….


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…When they used Prisma filters on some of her images.


TV stars also got in on the act


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Mouni Roy, Karishma Tanna and many others are also posting their own Prisma-ed photos on Instagram.


Sonakshi Sinha posted a pic as well


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Rather appropriately it was a picture of herself painting a picture!


And if you’re wondering what the Khans and the Kumars would look like,


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This is what Prisma can do for them. Your fingers are probably itching to get your hands on this app by now; an app that does more than just apply sepia tones and which actually uses AI and neural networks. It is available for free on Google Play and iTunes. Go Play!

Author – Reena Daruwalla

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