Dad I Made It to Forbes! Dad’s Response Was That of Every Dad Ever

Remember that dad tweet from Hasan Minaj's father? When the Indian-origin standup comedian reached a million followers, he told his dad about it and his dad had responded by comparing his followership with that of SRK. Indian parents are a breed all their own – especially the dads, who are understated and stingy with praise, to put it mildly. Here’s another dad being a typical dad when his son texted him about being featured in Forbes.

Dad, I made it to Forbes

Double thumbs up emoji. That was the response of the dad.

Peak dad behaviour

Dads do that sort of thing – it is just not done to become all emotional and shower praise on a child, no matter now remarkable their achievement.

Some want proof

So there is the single/double emoji, followed by a demand for proof that the daughter/son has indeed achieved what they said they had.

What about __________

Sharmaji’s son, government job, job in X company or taking X exam. Take your pick and fill in the blank. It isn't as if they aren't proud, dads just want their kids to do better.

Par for the course

Dads do that. Maybe their emoji keyboard is constructed differently.

It’s a dad thing

A big achievement deserves just an emoji – maybe dads are so full of pride and joy that they cannot articulate all that they feel and make do with a bland reply such as an emoji.

Just dad things

The understated reaction of an emoji or two. Or three. Depending upon the level of excitement or joy that is required to be conveyed.

More particularly

Brown dad things – desi dads tend to be like this. They also have no issue rubbing Sharma ji ka ladka and said ladka’s achievements in one's face. The important thing is not to do well, but to do better than someone else.


Who are you and what you are doing with my mom’s phone! That would have been the response hollering down the phone. Because moms do not react like that.

Boasting about it

Maybe that dad offers a completely understated reaction to the news of his son being featured in Forbes. But rest assured he is going to be bragging about it to his friends soon. 

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