What Does The Shape of Your Eyes Reveal About Your Personality?

Almond Shaped Eyes - People with such eyes are self-disciplined and know how to manage things well. They are sensitive, warm and have control over their emotions.

Round Shaped Eyes - Such people are emotional and have intense mood swings.

Closed Set Eyes - These people have a very powerful ability to focus and hate to be disturbed. They have a very low tolerance and get easily annoyed.

Wide Set Eyes - Such people are usually adjustable, flexible and tolerant. They are innovative thinkers and appreciate other things in life too.

Deep Set Eyes - People with such eyes like creative work and are usually found working in creative and writing fields.

Big Eyes - People with big eyes are supposed to be open-minded, with endless scholarly curiosity. They are creative, warm, sympathetic and romantic.

Small Eyes - If you have small eyes, you are supposed to be extremely watchful to details and what is happening around you. It also indicates that you are a skilled person.

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