This Billionaire is Offering Over 1200 Crore To Marry His Daughter

Hong Kong business tycoon, Mr. Cecil Chao is offering Rs 1200 Crore as dowry to any man willing to marry his 34-year-old daughter Gigi Chao.
Well, the fact is she is a lesbian and wants her father to accept her the way she is and should lead by an example, instead of looking for a man to marry her.
She is very pretty and got married to her long term partner Sean Eva four years ago, but her father insisted that she is still single.
Mr. Chao is a 77-year-old man and seems to be very desperate to get his daughter married. We think he should simply accept her being different and her partner.
In 2014, Gigi wrote an open letter to her father, in which she said that she will enter a straight marriage , when her father enters a gay one.
At this point, we think she is right about her sexuality. Well, what is your view, please share in the comment box below.

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