Then And Now Star Cast of Karan Arjun

Raakhee Gulzar - She played the role of a mother "Durga" in the movie. She is now married to lyricist-director Gulzar and has a daughter, Meghna Gulzar.
Kajol - She was the gutsy Soniya Saxena in the film. She's married to Ajay Devgan and is a doting mother of two. Her latest movie 'Dilwale' made quite a buzz with the on-screen jodi of Kajol and SRK coming together after a long gap.
Salman Khan - He played the role of Karan and Ajay in the movie. Our Bhaijaan is not only a superstar now but also a successful producer and a philanthropist.
Amrish Puri - He was the villian, Durjan Singh. Unfortunately, this legend passed away in 2005 and we all miss him.
Mamta Kulkarni -She played the village girl Bindiya in Karan Arjun. She quit Bollywood later and apparently married a drug kingpin.
Shahrukh Khan - He played the role of Arjun and Vijay in the film. He's a superstar and producer now and is also known as the King of Bollywood.

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