Then And Now Pictures of 'Raja Hindustani' Actress Kalpana Iyer

If you are a 90's kid then you must remember this beautiful romantic movie 'Raja Hindustani', which was released in 1996. In this movie, there was a song called 'Pardesi Pardesi Jana Nahi' which became a huge hit in 90's. Remember that? 

In this song, actress Kalpana Iyer was seen with Aamir Khan. Now, it is almost 20 years since the movie was released and in these years she has changed a lot.

Here's how she looks now. 

She is currently a restaurateur based in Dubai and is happily settled there. In an interview she told the media that "When I thought I was not going to be able to do anything anymore with my life, Rajan Sippy and his wife, who are in the hospitality sector in Dubai, did me a favour by offering me a chance to come here."

Many of you might not know, but she was the first runner-up at Miss India in 1978 and is mostly remembered for her vamp roles in the 1980s and 1990s movies.

Some of her famous dance numbers were to the songs "Hari om Hari", "Tu Mujhe Jaan", and "Rambha Ho". 

In these years, she never got married and stayed happily single woman. When asked about marriage, she told that "Why didn’t I get married? Well, there are certain questions which I don’t have answers for. Maybe I didn’t have the guts. Let’s just say that marriage was not part of my equation in a certain situation."

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