Then And Now Members Of The Small Wonder Cast

Vicki The Robot - Tiffany Brisette: The star of the show is now known for running marathons. She currently lives in Colorado, away from the limelight, and works as a nurse.
Harriet Brindle – Emily Schulman: The girl who had a crush on Jamie Lawson acted in a couple of films, and then got married in 2002.
Joan Lawson – Marla Pennington: Small Wonder was her last acting role, after which she stayed away from the cameras.
Ted Lawson - Dick Christie: The brilliant scientist of the show took a break from acting until 2009.
Jamie Lawson – Jerry Supiran: In 2012, it was reported that he was homeless in California and living at a shelter he volunteers at or under a bridge.
Reggie Williams – Paul C Scott: Remember Jamie's best friend? Well he didn’t get any significant roles after the show!

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