Silly Mistakes in Salman Khan's Sultan That Went Unnoticed

Recently released Salman Khan and Anushka starrer movie 'Sultan' broke many records on the box office, but there were many mistakes in the movie that most of you might not have noticed.

Don't you think there should be an apostrophe in 'its'? How can they forget it, especially when there is the name of Salman Khan.

According to the rules of wrestling, wrestlers are not allowed to carry any kind of pointed object on the ground, while Anushka was spotted wearing a hairpin, which is a big mistake.

If you look closely at this statue, does it really look like Salman Khan (Sultan)? 

Can you guess which country it is? Actually, there is no such country with the name IRI. This mistake was noticed when a wrestling match was going on between India and Iran.

In this scene, first we saw a table fan but suddenly it disappeared in a blink of an eye.

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