Remember This Little Tina From Mr. India? Here's How She Looks Now

‘Mr. India’ was one of our favourite movies of all time, which was also the highest grossing Indian film of 1987. The film has produced many great characters such as Mr. India, Miss Hawa Hawaii and Mugambo, including many cute child actors.

Among such child actors, you must remember little Tina. She was everyone's favourite and the cutest child ever. Well, she is now grown up into a beautiful lady and you need to check these pics of hers. 

Her real name is Huzaan Khodaiji, and now she looks completely unrecognizable in these pictures.

And we must say, in these years she looks to have grown up very graceful and beautiful.

She has always stayed away from the limelight, but not so long. We think she should come back in Bollywood as soon as possible.

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