Rani Mukerji and Saif Ali Khan's Daughter From Ta Ra Rum Pum Has Grown Up To Be So Pretty

Do you remember this little girl Angelina Idnani, who played the role of Priya aka Princess, daughter of Rani Mukerji and Saif Ali Khan in the movie 'Ta Ra Rum Pum'?

Well, this movie released in 2007 and its been 10 years since then. Priya aka Princess is all grown up now and we bring you snippets of information about her life after the movie.

She was brought up in Mumbai and gained lots of appreciation for her role in this movie. After the movie, she appeared in many TV commercials 

She is 19 years old now and in an interview, she said that she does remember her childhood days playing this role. "Rani di was more like a mother to me whereas with Saif uncle, it was more of jokes and him roaming around in his boxers, chilling with us"- she says.

She further added, "Since childhood, I always wanted to be like a diva. As a kid, I kept dancing at home, putting on makeup and trying on new clothes. The film just helped me reach there but then circumstances were such that I stopped acting,”

She lost her father when she was in sixth grade, due to which she left acting in Bollywood movies and started focusing on her studies to support her family.

Today, she is a fashion marketing student and is also very active on social media. Her Instagram is full of many beautiful pictures, party clicks, goofy moments and her love for fashion.

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