Meet The Brains Behind The Success Of Bollywood Stars

Mrinaal Chablani - Priyanka Chopra - She is the brain behind Priyanka's successful career in Bollywood and is one of the most popular managers in the industry.

Tejal Shetty - Parineeti Chopra - She has developed a strong bond with the actress and has been spotted many times holidays with her.

Runali Bhagat - Arjun Kapoor - She was a fashion stylist for reality shows. With time she decided to switch to a different field and is doing great.

Anjali Atha - Hrithik Roshan - She is responsible for Hrithik's great work and handles his branding, schedule and movies.

Pooja Dadlani - Shah Rukh Khan - Both share a great bonding and she is doing a great job being a manager of Shah Rukh, which helped him to become the Badshah of Bollywood.

Reshma Shetty - Salman Khan - We must say she has done an amazing job when it comes to the branding of Salman Khan in India.

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