Here's Why There's A Ganesha On Indonesian Currency

Did you know that there is a picture of Lord Ganesha encrypted on a 20,000 rupiah note of Indonesia? It is the same country where 87.5% of the population are Muslims and 3% are Hindus. But, despite of all these they have Lord Ganesha alongside a picture of Ki Hajar Dewantara in the front of the note.

This is all because, Indonesia has a connection with Hindu mythology since long time, you may also find many temples and Hindu's deities over there.

Indonesian archipelago was heavily influenced by Hinduism back in the first century and they still consider their Hindu heritage as part of their culture.

You might be surprised to know that Ganesha can not only be found in their currency note, but also in the logo of their topmost Institute of Technology.

In spite of being the world's largest Muslim country, they still believe in Hindu mythology and  we too should be proud of it.

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