From Bollywood To Hollywood, Celebrities Who Used Stunt Doubles In Their Movies

Rani Mukerji - Bollywood actress who was shown chasing some bad guys and beating them, used her body double for such scenes.

Shia LaBeouf - A Hollywood actor who is popularly known for his 'Transformers' movies, had a body double in the third installment of the movie 'Transformers'.

Reese Witherspoon - This 40-year-old American actress used a body double in her movie 'Don't Mess With Texas', and was spotted wearing the same dress on the sets of the movie.

Tom Hardy - The actor who is popularly known for his movie 'The Dark Knight Rises', used a body double in the movie 'Legend'.

Megan Fox - She also had a body double in the film 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'.

Tom Cruise - 'Mission: Impossible' actor also used a body double for a few scenes in the movie, 'Knight and Day'.

Here, we have Salman Khan with his body double on the set of Sultan, who was shown jumping on the streets in the movie.

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