Ever Wondered Why We Ring A Bell In Temples Before Praying?

Everyday, thousands of people visit temples. But have you ever wondered why we ring a bell before offering our prays to the God or Goddess?

Well, there is a scientific reason behind it, which defines a perfect answer to this question.

The temple bells are made up of 7 types of metals; cadmium, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and manganese, which touches our body's 7 healing centers or you can also call it as the 'Chakras'. The sound produced by the bell creates unity of our left and right brain.

The moment we ring a bell it produces a lasting sound for 7 seconds by which we enter into a state of consciousness.

It is also said that it helps in the elimination of negative energy and forces from our body.

When we ring a bell it produces a sound of 'OM', which is an universal sound. It fills our minds with peace and makes it focused.

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