Have You Ever Noticed Why Most of The Airlines Doesn't Have a 13th Row?

Every day thousands of people travel from the airways, but have you ever noticed that some airlines doesn't have a 13th row on the board?

Nowadays, most of the airlines around the globe doesn't offer a 13th row, while in some airlines 17th row is missing. However, there are many explanations behind these missing rows in the airlines, but according to some officials "Most people wouldn’t want to sit there. Whether we believe in the superstition or not if it’s the perception of the community we need to go by that".

It is obvious there may be a lot of passengers who fear flying and the number '13' has some negative thoughts attached to it. Which is why most of the airline fleet without a 13th row.

According to the Matt Daimler, who is the Founder of Seatguru.com - "I believe the goal of airlines omitting it is to help reduce anxiety that fliers may have", he said.

Now you must be wondering about the missing 17th row in the airlines. The reason behind this missing row is that in Italy and Brazil, 17 is regarded as an unlucky number, therefore some airlines don't offer the 17th row also.

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