Did You Notice These New Features In Indian Currency Notes?

Reserve Bank of India, has introduced many new features like these special intaglio feature (raised printing) on all banknotes except Rs.10/- banknote.
This raised printing feature on the left side of the watermark window, helps the visually impaired to identify the denominations.
All bank notes have different variations like Rs.20 which have a Vertical Rectangular shape, Rs.50 has a Square, Rs.100 a Triangle, Rs.500 has Circle and Rs.1000 has a Diamond.
While, recently they have introduced more features like ascending size of numerals in the number panels, bleed lines and enlarged identification mark. According to this new feature banknotes of Rs 100 will have four bleeding lines on both the edges of notes in the two sets of 2-2 lines.
While the banknotes of Rs 500 will have five bleeding lines in three sets of 2-1-2 lines and Rs 1,000 banknotes will have six bleeding lines in four sets of 1-2-2-1 lines.

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