Did You Notice These Mistakes in Akshay Kumar's Rustom?

Recently released Akshay Kumar's 'Rustom' may have impressed the audience, but there were many mistakes in the film that no one noticed, which also included his uniform in this movie.

In the whole movie, Akshay Kumar was shown carrying medals on his uniform with pride, but they originated during the period of 1972-1999. So, there was no chance that he might have got those medals during the period of 1959.

Also, during that period the uniform of naval forces on warships used to be white shorts which is unlike what was shown in the movie.

In this film we saw Akshay Kumar sporting a moustache in 1959, however the fact is that during that time Naval officers were not allowed to sport a moustache without a beard.

If you have watched the movie carefully, then you would remember the scene when a character of arm’s agent mentions 'Kilo Class Submarines', 'R Class Destroyers' and 'Petya Class Corvettes'. They were introduced by the Indian Navy after the 1960s and 70s.

While the 'Tally' on a sailor's cap was introduced in the 1970s. So, this was also an epic mistake in the film, 'Rustom'.

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