Did You Notice These Hidden Meanings in the Logos of Popular Brands?

Amazon - The curved arrow beneath the Amazon logo looks like a smiley, but is actually an arrow, pointing from the A to Z. This signifies that they sell almost everything from A to Z.
Gillette - Here 'G' and 'I' have been cut in the logo to show the efficiency of the blade and so that it can look like a sharp blade itself.
Mc Donald’s - When the company was started they actually meant 'M' not 'Mc.' According to BBC, as the time passed, people recognized the logo as “symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts.”
Pepsi - The have adopted ‘Pepsi Globe’ logo in 1940's. The colours of the Pepsi Globe were chosen red, white and blue to support the troops overseas.
FedEx - In this logo, if you look closely then you will find an arrow between the E and the X, which signifies that the company is always looking to move forward.
Baskin and Robbins - They offer 31 different flavours of ice-cream and by looking at the logo closely you will definitely find this piece of information in the logo.

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