Comedy King Kader Khan, Where is He Now?

Kader Khan is one of the most popular actors of Bollywood and is known for his work in over 300 movies. But where is he now?
Recently, he appeared in a couple of movies like 'Ho Gaya Dimaag Ka Dahi', which is directed by Fauzia Arshi. But, it seems like he went unnoticed, so did the project.
The director Fauzia Arshi shares a very good bonding with Kader Khan. Recently he revealed many things about Kader Khan and some of them were shocking.
He told the media that "He has a wife Azra Khan, and three sons Sarfaraz, Shahnawaz and Quddus, but none of his family members take care of him. His third son Quddus, who stays in Canada is much better though. Currently, the senior actor is with him in Canada.
He further said that "He feels that people have totally forgotten him, especially the people of his industry. He tells me that nobody makes a phone call to him or pays a visit to him or asks him about his well-being."
We also think that people have forgotten the legend. What about you? Please share your views in the comment box below.

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