Bollywood Celebs Who Are Still Living With Their Parents

Salman Khan - has acted in more than 100 movies since 1988 is still living with his parents.
Varun Dhawan - who is a new rising star in Bollywood still lives with his parents.
Sonakshi Sinha - in spite of having separate flats in the same building she prefers to spend most of her time in her parents' home.
Riteish Deshmukh - has also gone the traditional way in continuing to stay with his parents even after his marriage.
Karan Johar - has always been known as a family person because of his films. Interestingly he follows the same in real life.
Shraddha Kapoor - has recently found much fame in Bollywood, but this lady seems to be in no hurry to leave the nest.
Sonam Kapoor - may be the icon for the fashion industry, but she has the heart of a little girl and likes to spend time with her parents.

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